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  • 11:00
    90 minutes
    SAE Institute

Navigating the International Film Festival Circuit

Workshop with Debra Zimmerman

Film festivals have become an essential step to reaching your film’s audience as well as catching the eye of distributors. So what’s the secret to spreading your wings, finding your crowd and attracting the attention of a credible sales agent? Women Make Movies executive director Debra Zimmerman, with decades of industry experience under her belt, will help you explore the most effective methods to use festivals as a launching pad for your film, while gaining word of mouth along the way. Because it’s one thing getting the much-coveted acceptance letter and quite another optimising each festival screening to build up your bourgeoning career. This workshop offers tips on creating an intentional festival strategy without losing yourself in the labyrinthine festival circuit, expanding your audience and boosting your chances of getting your next film made.

In collaboration with SAE Athens.

The event is open to the public.