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  • 16:00
    90 minutes
    Aristotle University

MASTERCLASS with director and producer Laura Nix

Never Put the Camera Down 

There’s a unique mix of elements that will get you the kind of diverse and challenging career award-winning director Laura Nix has had so far: perseverance, creativity and great ideas! Bursting onto the festival circuit in 2011 with “The Light in Her Eyes”, a film about Muslim women breaking the mold of patriarchy, she has consistently made documentaries that celebrate people who make a difference. Whether it is in politics (“The Yes Men Are Revolting”, 2014) or in science and the environment (“Inventing Tomorrow”, 2018), Nix has consistently paid tribute to innovators and has worked hard to make them shine. This masterclass will offer insight into the challenges and rewards of never putting down your camera (Nix has directed a total of 38 films in 17 years), as well as her own personal take on being a woman filmmaker.

In collaboration with the Aristotle University of Athens – Film Studies Department.

Open only to students of the Department.