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MASTERCLASS: Documentary Production Across the Pond

Masterclass with producer Carolyn Hepburn

Welcome to Documentary Production 101, made in the USA! From nailing the concept to getting the final project funded, everything happens very differently on the other side of the Atlantic. Carolyn Hepburn will share her own experience, proposing up ideas and approaches that might seem a lot different to what you’re used to. Getting her professional start at WNET, National Public Radio and the United Nations, she has since linked her name to a slew of award-winning features, including “Life, Animated”, “Weiner” and “3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets”. Don’t miss out on the chance to pick her brains and share your own perspective, in a unique Masterclass that requires audience participation to better compare local practices to the U.S. production model and come up with the best solutions.

In collaboration with SAE Athens. The Masterclass is open to the public.